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You want to experience air sports for yourself? Here is the opportunity.

At our clubs and flight schools you can make guest flights with gliders and motor planes. If you would like to take a closer look at pilot training, you can do so during a taster day. Here you will learn something about the theory and the course of the training.

You can experience a glider flight at one of our clubs. Just come to Oerlinghausen and get in!
We start with the winch. Depending on the weather and thermal conditions a flight lasts from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes. If you would like to stay longer, you are welcome to do so, depending on your budget.
You can also inquire about trial days at the clubs or simply book one at the gliding school.

You can also make flights with a motor glider or an ultralight aircraft at the clubs. Take a look at the websites of the clubs to see what they have to offer.
A good address for taster days with the UL is also our ultralight flight school.

We are happy to organize flights by motor plane on request using the form at the bottom of the page. We will gladly take into account your wishes regarding the flight route.
The gliding school also offers taster days with the motorized aircraft. You can inquire here.

For those who would like to try ballooning, LSV Wiedenbrück, Aeroballonsport and Rehm Ballooning have the right offers.


1 flight in winch launch Duration: max. 20 minutes40 €
Taster day as a student (instruction in gliding, min. 3 launches with instructor, lunch)130 €
1 flight with motor glider or UL of 20 – 30 min. (one person at once)80 €
Motor flight of 20-30 minutes for up to three passengers (price per flight)160 €
Flight with A320, 30 minutes briefing and 60 minutes flight time (price per person)150 €

Ballooning can be booked at Aeroballonsport and Rehm Ballooning:

Aeroballonsport: Online booking

Rehm Ballooning: Prices

LSV Wiedenbrück: More information on the Web site.

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