The Oerlinghausen Airfield Association

The airfield Oerlinghausen is operated by the Flugplatzgemeinschaft e.V. Oerlinghausen, short: FGOe.
The FGOe is an association of the 12 non-profit clubs located at the airfield Oerlinghausen. It exists since 1952, in the member clubs about 1000 members practice air sports. There are more than 100 gliders and about 75 aircrafts up to 2,5t stationed at Oerlinghausen.

As a special landing site pilots should get their information from the flight management.

The clubs are located in the whole region of Ostwestfalen-Lippe, for example Oerlinghausen, Detmold, Bielefeld, Herford, G├╝tersloh, Bad Salzuflen, Beckum-Oelde-Ahlen, Wiedenbr├╝ck, Rheda, Halle/Westf., Enger.
The airfield of Oerlinghausen has been defined in the aviation concept of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia as a “focus airfield for gliding” and is a “state performance base for the sport of gliding.” Through the association “Segelflugschule”, which as an international air sports school carries out training and further education in fixed courses, we are a state performance center with federal use for air sports. At the airfield Oerlinghausen probably the most take-offs and landings with gliders are accomplished world-wide, altogether we count approx. 50,000 flight movements in the year. Gliders are launched during the flying season (March to October) at five separate winch tow stations. In addition, there are glider launches in aerotow and self-launch.
Motor gliders, ultralights, hang gliders, paragliders, model airplanes and hot air balloons contribute to the above movement figures, some light motor airplanes are also at home here. The area used as an airfield is about 650,000 square meters, it is owned by the Flugplatzgemeinschaft e.V. As flight operation areas we use about 80,000 square meters. The airfield Oerlinghausen is a popular destination in the region. It is possible to make sightseeing flights in the different air sports. A restaurant takes care of the catering of the guests, sufficient parking space is also available.

The airfield is the starting point to the sights of the “mountain town” of Oerlinghausen (links to the town, archaeological open-air museum, large-scale nature conservation project).